Joey Aghion

Half a Mind

by Joey Aghion

Meanwhile, a few feet down the hallway...

While I’ve been taking my sweet time making upgrades to the half-bathroom, the kitchen has lurched ahead in our priorities. One cabinet has come free of the wall altogether, stretching slowly until it rested on a jar of flour on the counter. Our frustrations with the non-frostless freezer (the scraping of which always seems to lead to bodily injury) have mounted. Our microwave, though not quite a kitchen fixture, has fritzed its last fritz and is contributing to the general feeling of ill-equipment.

Our plan is to add as much perceived spaciousness and actual storage as possible without changing the kitchen’s footprint. (Apparently even the slightest modification to the floorplan necessitates enough additional architectural services, building permits and expediting to double the required budget.)

Below, some color/material combinations that I think realize the clean/modern/classic aesthetic I have in mind.

example 1example 2example 3example 4